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Can You Find Our Treasures at Origins Game Fair 2018? 

The recent Geekway to the West as an absolute blast for Mike & me. (Hi there, Deanna here!) Now we’re only a few days away from heading to  Origins Game Fair 2018 in Columbus, OH, and we’re hoping to see many of you there! This year’s theme is “Mystery,” so to play along, Playco Games is providing some mysterious fun of our own for everyone attending.


Mystery Treasure Hunt

Here is what we have in mind for a fun mystery game at Origins this year. I follow a couple of people on Instagram that like to hide trinkets and art prints in various places and then take photos that give hints as to where the item is hidden. These photos are shared on social media, and then the hunt is on! Once someone finds the item, they are asked to take a photo with it in the spot where they found it and share on social media with a special hashtag to let everyone know it has been found.

Well, we’ve got a few board-game related items that Mike & I will be hiding in and around Origins Game Fair especially for you guys! We will be posting daily hints on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram channels. The more of you that participate, the more items we’ll hide!

So far I have some keychains made from Civicus Dice Game dice, and for Danger! Danger! Dinosaur, some tiny dinosaurs that grow when you soak them in water. I haven’t come up with anything for Epic Monster Tea Party just yet, but I expect inspiration to strike soon. (Hopefully in enough time to create it before we leave for the convention!) All that you guys need to do is keep an eye out for the clues on one of the social media pages linked above and start searching!

There will be instructions on the treasure once you find it about sharing a photo with the hashtag #PlaycoTreasure, and we hope that you swing by our Booth #137 and show it off. We might even have a discount attached to the treasures! (Gotta run that by Mike first, but I’m pretty persuasive.)

Meet the Creator of Epic Monster Tea Party – Rob Couch

Robert B. Couch will be at Origins Game Fair this year, and the awesome news is that he will be at the Playco Games Booth #137 to visit with you! The bad news is, we haven’t set up any times yet, so we can’t tell you exactly when he will be there. We will, however, post times on social media when we have them. If you miss him at our booth but see the guy in this picture walking around, be sure to shake his hand for coming up with such an incredibly fun game! We are proud to be a part of it.

Geekway to the West

We want to thank both the Geekway to the West staff and all of the wonderful people that we met there for a terrific time. We met a lot of wonderful people at our booth. That convention runs so smoothly and is full of so much fun, we plan to be a part of it again next year too. If you didn’t have a chance to pick up one of our games and won’t be able to make it to Origins to see us, you can always order copies at

For those of you that will be at Origins Game Fair this year, please swing by Booth #137 to give some of our games a try, or if you already have a copy, just stop by to say hello!

Also, please follow Playco Games on either FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. We’ll be posting those treasure hunt clues daily during Origins, plus updates when we get the chance so that, even if you’re not able to attend this one, you can still be a part of all the fun. If you’d like to get blogs like this in your inbox (don’t worry, I don’t write them often,) sign up for our newsletter!