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“I have picked up the games, delivery starts…”

That title, folks, is a direct quote from our European distributor!! Your games are officially on the last leg of their journey to you. We promised to let you known when that was happening, so here it is.

I recently saw a comment on the DDD Kickstarter page about wishing we would communicate on there as much as we do here, and I feel it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, the way things were set up when everything started, the only way for us to comment through Kickstarter is to send messages through others to post for us. That is not always convenient for everyone involved, so we ask that from now on, please reach out to us on this website, through our social media, or by email at Our next Kickstarter project has remedied this problem, so we will be able to reach out through its page during the new campaign. This is still a young company, but we have learned a lot, and vow to keep improving.

As for a Kickstarter update about Epic Monster Tea Party, the January launch date eluded our grasp (since February is only a couple of days away,) but we have high hopes that it’s extremely close. There is a play-test scheduled for this week which I hope to document and use in our Kickstarter video. That video, plus a couple of tweaks on the page design, and we should be ready to submit it for approval. I am having an awesome time mastering Photoshop, learning all kinds of cool tricks. I hope you all like the look once it’s done. Mike & I know you’ll love the game!!

Okay, back to work on it!!

-Deanna & the Playco Games family