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New Year, New Projects

Hi guys!! Deanna here.

Long time, no posts… I know. Well, I’m making a New Year’s resolution right now to post more often. (FYI, did you know that January 17 is “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day?”) Don’t worry, that’s meant to be funny (although it is a real day), and I have no intention of breaking this resolution, but throwing it out there just in case I slack a little. Love covering all my bases. He-he!!

I am taking over building the campaign for Playco Games’ next Kickstarter – Epic Monster Tea Party!! If you joined us at Origins Game Fair last year, you might remember that we had planned to get the Kickstarter going right after the convention. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances put things on hold for a while, but that’s all resolved and we’re ready for a busy and exciting 2017. That excitement begins with Epic Monster Tea Party – a family-fun fantasy game about monsters making a tasty tea full of victory points out of heroes. Everyone that play-tested it at Origins and Gen Con last year loved it and were wanting to buy a copy and take it home that day.


Well, in just a few weeks (hopefully sooner, but I’m leaving us a time cushion) it will be on Kickstarter and one step closer to coming into your home! The basic game is really awesome, but if we can find enough backers, we may be able to make it a little fancier. Keep an eye out for updates and the launch date. Fingers crossed it will be soon! I think the hardest part will be making the video, so any and all encouragement and/or advice is welcome and appreciated. (We really need to just turn on the camera, start talking, and see what happens.)

Watch for Epic Monster Tea Party on Kickstarter very soon!! (And PLEASE become a backer!!)

Danger! Danger! Dinosaur’s Kickstarter is finally in it’s final delivery stage. There was some confusion with customs and delivery to our European distributor, but those seem to be fixed now and the European orders have been re-sent to the distributor. As soon as we have confirmation that they’ve been received, we’ll update everyone. Sorry for the extended delay, but hopefully you’ll love this first installment in the Danger! Danger! series as much as we do.

How many of you have had the chance to play Civicus Dice Game and/or Danger! Danger! Dinosaur already? We would LOVE to have some feedback about what you think of them. If you had the time of your life playing, leave us a review and let others know all about how much fun these games are. If you weren’t that impressed, then we need to know why. Our goal is to make games that are awesome and fun to play. Constructive criticism (note “constructive”, not the mean stuff) helps us to improve and keep the world playing board games

Keep an eye out on Kickstarter for Epic Monster Tea Party. An easy way to stay up-to-date is to follow us on social media. Playco Games is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google+. (Do any of you use Google+ besides Google?) Until next time, (which will be soon because I made a resolution!!) have a great beginning of a new year. Hopefully that greatness will last the entire 12 months and beyond!!

-Deanna & the Playco Games family