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Pre-Kickstarter Mode Initiated

Not a lot has been going on with Playco Games recently. Pretty much all of our focus has been on getting Epic Monster Tea Party ready to launch on Kickstarter. There is a LOT to tackle to make sure everything looks right and truly conveys the awesomeness of this family game, all while trying to not overthink everything to the point that we drive ourselves crazy and don’t get anything accomplished as a result. I just keep repeating “Keep It Simple Stupid” to myself. The game really is great, and the people that have played it love it right away, so it really doesn’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles. We’re shipping a demo out to some reviewers soon, and plan to do a little playtesting in the Springfield & Lake of the Ozarks areas.

As for the European fulfillment of Danger! Danger! Dinsosaur, we got word from our European distributor that the games are in the country and Harald has what he needs to get them from customs. (WOO-HOO) Once he does, we’ll let you know when he begins shipping them out. It truly should not be long now. (I write while knocking on wood that I haven’t said too much and jinxed something!!!!!!) Seriously though, we are sorry for everything that has caused delays. We hope the game play is worth the wait. (We believe it is.)

Well, today’s post is short and sweet, but I’ve got lots on my plate to finish so this will have to do. I was serious about blogging more often from now on. What would make that a lot more fun is to hear from some of you!! Shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter, or even better, tag us in a photo of you enjoying one of our games. That would really be awesome!! Hopefully we’ll be hearing from you soon, and you will definitely be hearing from us.

-Deanna & the Playco Games family