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Spring is Tea Party Time!

We hope you’re thirsty…
February threw a lot of obstacles at us, slowing down the progress that we had hoped to have done on our next Kickstarter project, but it’s been a very productive weekend!! The Kickstarter campaign for Epic Monster Tea Party has been submitted and approved, and the main story section will be finished today. All we have left is to figure out some stretch goals that will get you guys excited about the game (although this game is incredibly exciting all on its own!) and to finish that blasted video that we keep putting off. Still not sure why we’re so apprehensive about turning on a camera and talking, but the first time’s always the hardest, right? (Please tell me it will get easier!!) After all, I’ve seen some pretty stinky self-made videos that worked just fine. We’ve got to be better than those. (Oh please let us be better than those.)

Epic Monster Tea Party Kickstarter 5

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I’m going to be putting together a newsletter later today about what everyone can expect in our new Kickstarter adventure. Subscribers will get notice about the official launch date and time before we post it on all of our social media channels. We’ll be offering a limited number of “Early Bird” pricing as one of the reward tiers, so the advance notice could end up saving you a little bit of cash!! (It’s a small discount, but still a discount. We’re trying to raise funds here, after all.) If you’d like to add your email to our newsletter list, you can sign up at the bottom of our “Contact Us” page on the website. We don’t send them out often, so you don’t have to worry about us blowing up your inbox. Monthly updates is what we’re going to try to keep them to, but during Kickstarter campaigns, you may see a few more than usual.

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That’s what’s going on here for now. I’m going to get back to building our campaign. If you need some fun games to keep you busy while you wait for it, Civicus Dice Game and Danger! Danger! Dinosaur are available right now for order.

-Deanna & the Playco Games family