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Civicus Dice Game is a thirty minute, civilization themed, strategic, area control game of thoughtful settlement placement, and fateful dice rolls. Players take turns placing and developing settlements in order to claim a variety of domains and their respective advantages. In order to secure victory, the players must cultivate a well balanced nation. One rich in technology, settlements & farms, markets & exotics, as well as, temples & sacred sites.

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Game Detail

In this 2-player game (3-4 player expansion available), the players find themselves submerged in a visually stunning, abstract world of epic high fantasy; a vast and expansive world, set at the very dawn of civilization.

As newly ascribed tribal leaders, the players are challenged with all of the difficulties which burden any great leader –Where to call home…who to conquer…when to make peace…


In the Box

  • 1 Rule Book (Download a copy of the rules here.)
  • 12 Settlement Tokens (6 ea color)
  • 8 Exotic Goods
  • 8 Attribute Counters
  • 6 Double-sided Map Cards
  • 4 Double-sided Faction Cards
  • 3 Forest Dice
  • 3 Mountain Dice
  • 3 Desert Dice
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 2 Large Mound Tokens
  • 2 Small Mound Tokens
  • 2 Farmer Tokens
  • 2 Merchant Tokens
  • 2 Colossus Tokens
  • 1 Scoring Pad

What Gamers Say…

“In our play of the game, we found it easy to follow the rules and we quickly developed strategies for controlling territories.”

-Dan (Guild Master Gaming, read his full review of the demo game here)


“Just played the PNP demo with my daughter. We LOVED it! Just upped my pledge to the $25 for the game. Very nice game!”



“Thanks again. My friends and I had a great time playing Civicus. It was fun, interesting, and engaging. I thought the game did a nice job of incorporating a civ-builder theme into a microgame. Although the game featured a high degree of randomness due to the dice rolling mechanic, I never felt as if I was lacking options on my turn. This was due primarily to the technology advancement, which was my favorite part of Civicus. I look forward to introducing this game to my local board gaming group.”



“An innovative little game, with a  Catan-esque matrix, chess like area control mechanic, and a unique scoring system! Tightly designed game, well done.”



“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to play test a couple of the games in the Civicus series. I’ve yet to be let down.

I was introduced to the series via the traditional sized board game [Civicus: Origin Myth]. Upon my first play through I was blown away.

Will showed me the smaller dice game shortly after. I was initially taken back. Bigger is better, right? I was mistaken. I now understand why he saved Civicus Dice Game for last.

You will not find a game with more value per square inch than this one. It retains many of the mechanics that make the larger game great: empire building, competition for the resources necessary to fuel your empire, the chess-like strategy, the element of choosing whether your empires grow side by side in relative harmony, or whether you will plot and scheme your way to total dominance.

As a bonus, it adds a Yahtzee-like dice element, that in one roll can force you to question even the most well laid plans, and quickly adapt to the present situation.

The best part is that you can carry a game with all the things that make big games great, in your pocket. No lugging out a big box, setting up a big board, etc.

Play it in the car on a road trip, on a lunch break, outdoors…anywhere.

Most travel sized games are dumbed down, shadows of their original selves. This game is the exception.

I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of my own!



“What I like about Civicus is that it is very accessible but still has enough strategy to satisfy a lot of gamers.”

-Adam (Geeky Hobbies, read his full preview of the demo game here)


Imagine, if you will Sid Meier’s “Civilization” games, went and had a love child with “Settlers of Catan”… You now, have a very vague idea of what you are looking at with Civicus. And I am not saying this as if it is a bad thing. Actually, it is a very good thing, since it makes it feel familiar, but yet different at the same time.

-Frank (Slamfist Media, read his full review of the demo game here)


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 1.75 in



13 and up


For the whole family.


30-60 min


Dice, Conquest


PCG 1601


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