Danger! Danger! Dinosaur


Danger Danger Dinosaur is a thirty minute adventure of risk vs. reward. Dare you stay out too long searching for food, water, and fire for your survival, you risk becoming dinner for the hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex lurking in the shadows.

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Product Description

Game Detail

In this 2 -6 player game, roll the dice to explore and gather your basic needs: food, water, & fire! Along the way, earn victory points by turning your ideas and labor into cool stuff. Re-roll, if you dare…

In the Box

  • 1 Rule Book
  • Beautifully illustrated playing cards
  • Exploration dice
  • Dinosaur dice
  • Mammoth bones
  • Family members



Additional Information

Weight 14 oz



8 and up


Fun for the entire family.


10-30 min


Dice, Cards


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