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Civicus Dice Game is a 30-minute, civilization-themed, strategic, area control tabletop game of thoughtful settlement placement and fateful dice rolls for 2-4 players. (3-4 player expansion now available!) Players take turns placing and developing settlements in order to claim a variety of domains and their respective advantages. In order to secure victory, the players must cultivate a well-balanced nation. One rich in technology, settlements & farms, markets & exotics, as well as temples & sacred sites.


Players find themselves submerged in a visually stunning, abstract world of epic high fantasy; a vast and expansive world, set at the very dawn of civilization.

As newly ascribed tribal leaders, the players are challenged with all of the difficulties which burden any great leader –Where to call home…who to conquer…when to make peace…



(This box contains the 2-player game but there is a 3-4 player expansion available.)

  • 1 Rule Book (Download a copy of the rules here.)
  • 12 Settlement Tokens (6 each color)
  • 8 Exotic Goods
  • 8 Attribute Counters
  • 6 Double-sided Map Cards
  • 4 Double-sided Faction Cards
  • 3 Forest Dice
  • 3 Mountain Dice
  • 3 Desert Dice
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 2 Large Mound Tokens
  • 2 Small Mound Tokens
  • 2 Farmer Tokens
  • 2 Merchant Tokens
  • 2 Colossus Tokens
  • 1 Scoring Pad


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Civicus Dice Game

SKU: PCG 1601
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