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Danger! Danger! Dinosaur is a 30-60 minute adventure of risk vs. reward for 2-6 players. Stay out too long searching for food, water, and fire for your survival and risk becoming dinner for the hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex lurking in the shadows!


Roll the dice to explore and gather your basic needs: food, water, & fire! Along the way, collect victory point cards by turning your ideas,labor, and gathered items into cool stuff. Re-roll up to 3 times, if you dare…  but roll a dinosaur eye without having a mammoth bone to distract the hungry beast and you must run away and lose everything you collected during that turn. 



  • 1 Rule Book (view the rule book here)
  • Beautifully illustrated playing cards
  • Exploration dice
  • Dinosaur dice
  • Mammoth bones
  • Family members


Danger! Danger! Dinosaur on BoardGameGeek

Danger! Danger! Dinosaur

SKU: PCG 1602
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