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Meet us at the Midwest GameFest in Kansas City!

Our final convention for this year will be the MIdwest GameFest in Kansas City, MO. You will find the Placyo Games booth in the back corner at Booth E21 next to the open gaming tables. (Very convenient in case anyone wants us to pop out of the booth for a quick game!) 

We will have demos and copies for sale of our 3 available games plus a prototype of next year's upcoming Kickstarter release, Hexapod, in case you'd like a sneak peek at that. You can still order Midwest GameFest badges online here or pay at the door when you arrive.  

Playco Games, Tabletop Games

Last, but certainly not least, we're giving away one of our awesome custom dice trays at this convention! All you need to do to enter is show us that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or sign up for our monthly newsletter. (Newsletter subscribers have already received our Black Friday discount code to use early throughout November!)

Sign up for all 4 & get 4 raffle tickets! 

Playco Games, Tabletop Games

This will be Playco Games' final board game convention for 2019, but we're ready to branch out and fill up our 2020 calendar with even more appearances. (If you have a favorite convention in your area, let us know about it!)

There's a chance we might show up at a local Christmas event or a few game stores over the holiday season, but nothing set in stone just yet. Once it is, we'll let you know. Until then...

🎲 Have fun playing! 🎲

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