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We're Bringing FUN to the Table in 2020!

2020 is Going to be EPIC!

Happy (belated) New Year! I got the newsletter with all of the info in today's blog out last week but totally forgot to post it all here too. (See, signing up for our monthly newsletter does have its perks. Those subscribers already know about all of this! Go ahead & sign up for our newsletter here.)

We're really excited about everything Playco Games is planning for 2020. As a matter of fact, we're even excited about the things that are bound to happen that we aren't even planning for! 

What exactly do we have in store for you? Well, so far, 2 Kickstarter campaigns (an expansion & a brand new game) plus booths at our favorite conventions (& hopefully some new-to-us cons!) Here's a quick look at some of that. 

Epic Monster Tea Party Expansion

We've been talking about this one since last year & this January, it's happening! With the help of some wonderful Kickstarter backers, Miss Hiss & Merv Griffin will be joining the tea party in just a couple of weeks! We're aiming for a launch date of Wednesday, January 29. (Get notified by Kickstarterwhen our campaign is active here.)

This expansion will include 2 new monster cards (and maybe even a couple more if we reach the stretch goals!), 2 more stomach bags, and 22 more hero meeples. There will even be a reward tier that includes a piece of original art from our new artist, Gary Bedell. (Only 30 of those will be available, so you'll want to get in early to get one!) 

We'll be sending out a newsletter to remind everyone about a week before the campaign goes live (did you sign up for it yet?) but until then, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.   


2020 Conventions... so far!

We've already got a few of our favorite conventions penciled into our 2020 calendar but as was mentioned above, we'd love to add a few new ones too. Here's a list of the board game conventions we'll definitely be at so you can add them to your own calendar & join us! 

  • SCARAB Gaming Con: January 17-20 Playco Games won't physically have a booth at SCARAB this year but Danger! Danger! Dinosaur & Epic Monster Tea Party can both be found in the Play To Win section! If you're there and don't win a copy, we've added a coupon code to our ad in their con book you can use to order one.

  • VISIONCON: May 1-3 Springfield, MO (Not only will Playco Games be demo-ing our games at this Pop Culture Convention but we'll also be partnering with Visioncon to help make the gaming area awesome this year!)

  • GEEKWAY TO THE WEST: June 11-14 St. Charles, MO

  • ORIGINS GAME FAIR: June 18-21 Columbus, OH

  • MOON CITY CON: Sept. 18-20 Springfield, MO

This list is not yet final, so keep an eye out for more possible appearances in a town near you! 


HEXAPOD is coming in 2020

Later this summer our newest tabletop game will be coming to Kickstarter and hopefully, with your help, to your game table! Hexapod is an abstract game of pattern recognition, color matching, and area control. It plays in 3 rounds for up to 4 players and has been extremely well-received every time we have playtested it.  

This new adventure was created by Elree Ellis, who also created Civicus Dice Game and Danger! Danger! Dinosaur. We always have a copy on hand with us at conventions so if you'd like a sneak peek, just ask! Once the Epic Monster Tea Party Kickstarter is successfully fulfilled, Hexapod will be showing up on Kickstarter very soon after that.


Our main focus right now is the Epic Monster Tea Party Expansion on Kickstarter coming this month! A lot has been done but there's still a lot to do so that it's ready to roll in a few weeks. (We'll be sure to give you a head's up when it's ready.)   

Best wishes to all for a fun and successful 2020. We hope to be talking to you online and seeing you in person at a few conventions. Until then...

🎲 Have fun playing! 🎲 

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