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Epic Monster Tea Party is a 10-20 minute game for all ages where the monsters are in charge! Heroes have braved the labyrinth to fulfill an epic quest, but they must beware, for it's tea time! Epic monsters are on the hunt for tasty morsels to flavor their tea. 


In this 2 -4 player game, you choose your monster and grab heroes from the labyrinth to flavor your tea. Squish the heroes to use their special abilities or drop them into your teacup for a chance to earn victory points.


Need more players? There is an Epic Monster Tea Party Expansion that includes 2 more epic monsters and 22 more hero meeples, making it a 2-6 player game! *OR, you can get the expanded 2-6 player game here, all packaged together in one box!



  • 1 Rule Card (view Epic Monster Tea Party rules here)
  • 1 Black "Labyrinth" Bag
  • 4 Colored "Stomach" Bags
  • 4 Monster Cards
  • 43 Hero Meeples:
    • 15 Fighters
    • 9 Clerics
    • 7 Rogues
    • 5 Wizards
    • 4 Rangers
    • 1 Bard
    • 1 Queen
    • 1 King


Epic Monster Tea Party on BoardGameGeek

This game originally funded on Kickstarter. View the campaign here. 


If you’d like to try the game before you buy it, download this PRINT & PLAY version.


Here are some cute paper teacup templates to print out & put together. The custom template is easy to make but the simpler version is much easier for younger children to put together without help. 

Custom Paper Teacup Templates  /  Simpler Version Paper Teacup Template

Epic Monster Tea Party (2-4 Players)

SKU: PCG 1603
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