2 more epic monsters have joined the tea party! 


This expansion to Epic Monster Tea Party successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020.


This expansion to the original family-fun, tabletop game of Epic Monster Tea Party takes the 2-4 player adventure and turns it into a game for 2-6 players. (The original game is needed to play. Find the 2-4 player version here OR the 2-6 player expanded version here.) 


The addition of Miss Hiss the Gorgon and Merv Griffin the, well... Griffin, allows 2 extra players to join the game. Don't worry, there will be plenty of heroes to heartily flavor everyone's tea because 22 more of them have wandered into the labyrinth! 

(*Note: The expansion pieces do not have a box of their own. They are made to fit inside the original box when received. There is an expansion sticker included that you may add to that box if you like.)


This expansion includes

  • 2 New Monster Cards - Miss Hiss and Merv Griffin
  • 1 "Winner" Card
  • 2 New Stomach Bags
  • 22 Extra Hero Meeples:
    • 7 Fighters
    • 4 Clerics
    • 4 Rogues
    • 3 Wizards
    • 2 Rangers
    • 2 Bards
  • 1 Expansion Sticker


Here are some cute paper teacup templates to print out & put together. The custom template is easy to make but the simpler version is much easier for younger children to put together without help. 

Custom Paper Teacup Templates  /  Simpler Version Paper Teacup Template

Epic Monster Tea Party Expansion

SKU: PCG 1603-E
  • Here is a great big THANK YOU to the 2020 Kickstarter backers that helped us bring the Epic Monster Tea Party Expansion to life. 

    Amber S. Hugo Tremblay



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